INDIVIDUAL  TRAINING SESSIONS are available for persons interested in the Defensive Pistol Module that feel they would benefit from
extra training prior to the Defemsove Pistol Module; 2 sessions minimum

Session length:  1 hour
Cost:  $50.00 per session [ includes range fee]
Student supplies ammunition [ 100 rounds per session ]
Student supplies handgun; either semi-automatic or revolver[380 cal; 38 spcl; 9mm; 40 cal; 45 acp]
Student supplies eye and hearing protection.
Session 1 includes basic safe handgun handling and use rules, basic fundamentals of shooting, and live fire exercises.
Session 2 covers multiple, accelerated shooting techniques, flash sight picture, shooting center of mass.

The students is strongly advised to paractice on their own between sessions, The second session must be attended prior to the Defensive Pistol Module

NOTE:  Session sttendance does not qualify for the training requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit,
only successfull completion of the Defensive Pistol Module meets the requirements.

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